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The Greatest Show On Earth!

June 27, 2022


This week, Jackie attended what only she could describe as the Greatest Show On Earth!

Now, I've had friends fly out to the Final Four, down to the Super Bowl and up to the US open.

But our Jackie, she lives on the edge and now she can scratch another item off her bucket list.

This week, she attended the National Marble Championship in WILDwood, (how apropos), NJ.   



The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, stands overflowing with

 excited and often unruly fans screaming their favorites to victory.


Did she fly there?  Oh No!  She arrived by transportation way more 

efficient than a Tesla and with speed only a SST could beat.  For

those thinking Concorde, OMG no, SST is Super Slow Turtle, but

who knew that she and her cousin could pedal so fast!