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Thoughts on the Next Nine Months

Thoughts on the Next Nine Months

March 29, 2024

Looking Ahead to Rest of 2024: We're staying positive about this year. We think the Federal Reserve (the group in charge of managing the country's money supply and interest rates) will help the economy by making it cheaper to borrow money, though this might take a little longer than we first thought. Our economy is doing quite well, all things considered. There aren't big worries about it shrinking anytime soon, even though the stock market's good run since last October might hit some bumps.

About Cutting Interest Rates: The Federal Reserve wants to see prices not going up too quickly (which is what we mean by inflation) before they make it cheaper to borrow money. Prices rose a bit more than we expected at the start of the year, but the Federal Reserve isn't panicking. They're staying steady with their plans, thinking they might lower interest rates a few times this year.

No Big Economic Downturn Expected: Recent news from the Federal Reserve makes us think the U.S. won't face a big economic downturn this year. They're more optimistic about how much our economy will grow.

Stock Market Ups and Downs: The stock market's been doing well, thanks in part to excitement about new technologies like artificial intelligence and because not many people are out of work. But we know markets can't always go up. We might see some drops, which could be chances for people to invest, especially since many have money sitting on the sidelines.

What's Happening with Bonds: The bond market, where people lend money through buying bonds, could see some ups and downs too. This will depend on how inflation looks in the coming months and what the Federal Reserve decides about interest rates.

Looking at the Bigger Picture and Prices: Keeping prices from rising too quickly is still a big focus. Even though we've had a few surprises with prices going up, there are signs that things might settle down. Some of the recent price jumps are because of how prices are calculated or because of seasonal changes, like how rental costs are estimated.

Final Thoughts: It's important to keep your eye on your own money goals, especially with all the noise that can come from election years. Even with some unexpected price rises, the overall outlook is that our economy should keep growing without slipping into a downturn, and the pressure from rising prices should start to lighten up.

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